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U.S. Route 66 marker

U.S. Route 66

Will Rogers Memorial Highway
U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. US 66 was established on November 11, 1926, with road signs erected the following year.[4] The highway, which became one of the most famous roads in the United States, originally ran from ChicagoIllinois, through MissouriKansasOklahomaTexasNew Mexico, and Arizona before ending at Santa MonicaCalifornia, covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km).[5] It was recognized in popular culture by both the hit song “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66” and the Route 66 television show in the 1960s.

Route 66 is legendary. When it comes through Amarillo, TX however, the “legend” does not quite fit that description. Over time, many of the most popular businesses and attractions have fallen on hard times. This is most especially noticeable in the residential areas of the San Jacinto Community. San Jacinto Community, located in Amarillo, TX is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. It is home to the famous Route 66 celebration and community event held each year. The area covers roughly three square miles and can be found between Georgia (McMasters) and Western streets, and from Amarillo Blvd West to Line Ave.

However, YES: There is a “However.” there are organizations that are doing their best to restore and renovate the entire area back to health. Among these are the ‘Square Mile Community Development” project: a non-profit group that are working wonders for the business community along 6th St. (the main street Route 66 followed through the area). On the San Jacinto Community website, you will also find that ACTS Community Outreach is taking care of the elderly and impoverished in the area by assisting them with a nutritious meal at lunch time, clothing, hygiene and a computer room for residents to polish up the old resumè and get into a better paying job.

Amarillo Housing First is an organization that is attempting to help with housing for those who either have no home, or are living in sub–standard rental property. Yes, there still are a lot of areas here that are little more than slums, but all that is changing and you can find out all about it on the website for The San Jacinto Community. You may also enjoy following the war on homelessness and keep track of the battlefield as the situation progresses on the sister website: The Homeless Chronicles.

As one of the contributors to the site said:

Change is Coming

It begins at home, from the inside.

One Square mile that will change thousands

and be a model of hope and community


Get ready.

So Now What?

1 in 12 Americans are currently unemployed. While this is really sad, what about their children? This video allows us to see the extent that our national economic downturn is affecting the least capable members among us―our children. Against the approaching storm called “poverty,” they are defenseless. Let’s talk about it.

Quite frankly, the US economy has not been this bad since the Great Depression. So, who or what is to blame. Consider this: On or about the year 1803, the world saw a milestone in human history. Before that year, and for all recorded history before it, the world population was less than one billion people. Now, in 2017 (214 yrs. later), we are seeing a world population of around seven and a half billion. If you were to put these figures on a timeline graph, the result would be parabolic; meaning that after a protracted period of relatively stable increase, the equation suddenly encounters a spike. That spike is what we are seeing today.

This world does not have the managerial ability to provide for such an increase―one that is quickly becoming a crisis of epic proportions. Up until the early 1800’s, there was plenty of space to spread out, and that’s just what people were doing. The migration toward the Western United States―”The Wild, Wild, West,” is legendary. But now what? A little over 200 years later and we are quickly running out of room on this blue planet. Even if we had the technology for colonizing other worlds, you would be surprised how little margin of safety this would actually provide. The term we need to understand is “exponential.” Merriam Webster’s 3rd definition for exponential: “expressible or approximately expressible by an exponential function; especially : characterized by or being an extremely rapid increase (as in size or extent) an exponential growth rate.”

Although the dictionary only gave us a glimpse into the real meaning of “exponential,” a little math problem will make it much clearer. Question: would you work for a penny a day, doubled everyday for 30 days? Sounds like you would be working for peanuts, doesn’t it. Can you believe that at the end of that 30 day period, you would have earned over $10.7 million US dollars? Don’t take my word for it, Bloomberg has already done the math for you. Click here to see what they have to say. How can that be, you may ask? The reason for it―this phenomenal growth increase―is due to an exponent. In this case the exponent is just a simple number 2. Meaning double the previous day.

Unfortunately for us, the equation for population increase follows a similar pattern. . . .And it is the children that will suffer the most from the fallout. When the spike reaches its apex, all civilization will fall. No, I am not a doomsday prophet. Nor do I believe in conspiracy theories. I just crunch the numbers and measure the time left to us to find a solution. We are already way late in coming up with a solution.

From The Homeless Chronicles

Dedicated to the Homeless

As depressing as the thought of homelessness is, the issue is one that is being forced upon us daily. There are two distinct sides to this unwanted coin. Both of these are serious problems that must be addressed. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

Property owners are loath to see an incursion of homeless camps and blighted areas in their neighborhood. Property values fall in a real estate market that is often already depressed. The advent of increased crime seems to follow shortly after the homeless move in.

Loss of good paying jobs, increased cost of housing and death of a household head are just some of the circumstances that are unavoidable by many, who then join the ranks of the homeless. But perhaps, not the ranks of the hopeless.

On The Homeless Chronicles website,  we intend to present solutions to the problem of homelessness. We will go firsthand to see the depth and breadth of the problem, as well as take a look at some solutions that are beginning to give back the lives of the misfortunate, the incapacitated,  at least to some extent.

What is becoming very clear is that in order to reach a viable, tenable solution, it will require sacrifices on both sides of the coin. It will prove far better to offer up the minimal effort to solve the problem before it becomes the proverbial snowball rolling downhill. Should that happen, the final impact would wreak havoc on us all. Worst case scenarios are unthinkable and unacceptable. We can win this war. With the right Captain at the helm and a good battle plan, homelessness can be at least reduced, and at best eliminated altogether.

Here you will find the battle action as it progresses. Those of you who can help should. Contributions are not always a monetary value. Yes, the outreach organizations need money. But they also need ideas.  They need workers for the cause. Donating your time is just as valuable as a monetary contribution. You can’t always solve a problem by throwing money at it.

Hopefully, this website will serve to get everyone thinking about the situation enough to offer assistance of whatever is needed; whatever it takes to put an end to it; before it puts an end to our way of life.

San Jacinto Community


San Jacinto Community Website


Please help distribute the website address for the San Jacinto Community webpage. There is much of interest to the San Jacinto community to be found there. But the most important function of the site is to promote contributions. Don’t limit your sharing of the site to those in San Jacinto (SJ) area however. Most folks in the SJ community are in the least likely position to provide any significant support to the projects in the area.


Here are the main organizations that the site would like to support:

       MORE Church (most contributions for ACTS come from these kind folks)

       ACTS Community Outreach (these are the kind folks that feed us at 202 S. Louisiana)

       Square Mile Development (construction & renovation of the SJ area)

       Amarillo’s HOPE Project (Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement)


Don’t forget the web address:


Thanks in advance for assisting with the best cause in the neighborhood.


William Prestwood

Site Administrator.


OH! P.S. If you have any suggestions or comments as to what you would like to see on the website, please drop me a line at: